We are posting the best shoes for Ankle support to guide you to find the right shoes according to your comfort. Finding a shoe with that has the comfort fit is an accomplishing feeling. All those hours spent tirelessly searching for a pair that suits your comfort needs will pay off eventually. What if you have an underlying issue that needs attention? The search can become even more cumbersome than it was previously.

One of the most common problems people associate with their shoe search is finding a pair with the correct ankle support. The wrong support can hinder your overall posture and can further the issue if not corrected.

So, what kind of shoes should I be searching for? Shoes contain so many different variations and different brands, which can make this question tough to answer. Orthopedic shoes are said to help with foot related problems, but recommend being seen by a doctor before being accurately assigned to a certain pair or brand. The same goes for the different technologies that have been put in place with gel insoles, comfort fits, and other such add-ons that help create a distance and differentiation between brands.

The search for ankle support doesn’t have to carry the headache that it is almost certainly prescribed to people searching for a new pair of shoes. Below we’ll discuss five different pairs of shoes and detail the important features that help with ankle support. We’ll also discuss what makes each item stand out and go over the fits to save you some time on your next shoe store visit.

New Balance Men’s and Women’s Trail Running Shoes – Best Shoes for Ankle Support

New Balance has branded itself well over time due to the success of their running shoes. They designed and produced the best shoes for Ankle support. The trail running shoe models offer an extra bit of support and can help reduce the wear and tear on your feet and ankles.

The Men’s New Balance 510 v3 Trail Running shoes are a good fit for guys who like that added support element. The shoe is a little heavier than most running shoes, but that is just a measure to account for added benefits. The advantage a trail running shoe holds is that it withstands the workload of a running shoe and adds support for travel over any terrain. The memory fit insoles are perfect for finding the comfort your foot needs.

New Balance Men’s Trail Running Shoe comes in both regular and wide widths, leaving larger feet fitting comfortably. The shoe rises to about the midway length up your ankle, with plenty of padding in that portion of the shoe. This releases the tension of having your ankle fully compressed and allows it room to breathe. This also helps with mobility in being able to move freely throughout your day without the aches and pains caused by a shoe that fully compresses the ankle.

Supporting the bottom half of your ankle, this shoe allows you to adapt to whatever usage you may put it through. New Balance shoes run a little small, so it is good practice to bump yourself up a half a size to give your foot some extra space.

For women, the New Balance WT690V1 Trail Running shoe is the best running shoes for ankle support. The benefits of trail running shoes speak for themselves with the added elements of comfort and support. The careful measures put into place for the Men’s models co-exist with the Women’s models. This shoe has some extra foot space in the toe box area and in the rear. The rise comes up just under the ankle, allowing free movement and adding support when needed.

The sole of the shoe contains inserts that have a padded, gel-like substance. They work like memory foam, and really pad your heel to a good level of comfort. This is a perfect fit for those who spend long hours on their feet and need durability to provide comfort throughout it. Like the Men’s models, these shoes run a little small and you should bump up half a size or opt for the larger width.

New Balance Women’s Trail Running Shoes – Best Shoes for Ankle Support

Top Features:

  • Rugged out sole and mesh upper with padded collar for ankle support
  • Toe Protect rubber compound for reinforcement and protection
  • Rubber sole
  • Made of textile/Synthetic
  • No-sew FantomFit upper for lightweight support and fit


Men’s Dress and Business Shoes – Best Shoes for Ankle Support

It is quite challenging to find Men’s Dress or business shoes with the best angle support. When we can’t wear our athletic shoes, it is probably because we are working in an environment with an enforced dress code. Finding dress shoes that help with ankle support doesn’t have to be difficult and below we’ll discuss two models for the more formal workplace.

Men’s Croft & Barrow Astin Ankle Boots – Best Shoes for Ankle Support

Top Features:

  • Rubber lug outsole helping with the stability and traction
  • Memory foam insole, Textile socklining
  • Synthetic and textile upper
  • Elastic goring with pull-tab for a flexible fit
  • Capped-toe providing strength, durability and comfort


These boots are the perfect fit for men who enjoy a formal-looking work boot. These boots contain Croft’s Ortholite technology, a total system that helps reduce discomfort, adds support to the arches, heel, and toes, and increases breath-ability. This technology works in conjunction with your entire foot, whether it is adding comfort to your heel or reducing the stress put on your ankle.

The boot rises and covered the ankle, but it does not inhibit your movement. The top of the boot is wide and allows for personal comfort adjustments. It will not compress your ankle in any way and the backing will help with posture and reduced stress placed upon your ankle.

These boots are also very durable, housing the Ortholite technology within the sole and adding outsole features to reduce wear and tear. If you are looking for a dress boot that addresses ankle support concerns, this Croft & Barrow model is the way to go.

Climbing the ladder to the high-end faction are the Men’s Clarks Cotrell Step Slin-On Loafer. These shoes not only provide excellent comfort, but these are made of materials that will withstand the test of time. Men who experience ankle problems usually proceed with caution when it comes to slip-on shoes; no fear needed with this Clarks model.

These shoes contain both a synthetic and flexible sole, which locates your comfort spot and sticks to it. The same Ortholite technology is put in place with this model to increase comfort to new standards. The back of the shoe has added support and cushioning that will hold your foot in place, but won’t compress it.

These models are also lightweight, causing you not to clunk around in them all day. They withstand the test of time and they are a great comfort fit for those looking for a formal shoe with added comfort.

Men's Clarks Cotrell Step Slin-On Loafer
Men’s Clarks Cotrell Step Slin-On Loafer – Best Shoes for Ankle Support

Top Features:

  • Leather with Synthetic sole
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Flexible sole
  • Breathable leather upper
  • Ortholite memory foam


Women’s Dress Shoes – Best Shoes for Ankle Support

Finding a best dress shoes for women’s is quite difficult especially with an ankle support. Women want to feature the formal look with their outfits every now and again. The only problem they face is finding shoes that provide ample ankle support throughout usage. Below we have one dress shoe we would recommend to fight this hankering issue.

Women’s Lucky Brand Lk-Banu Ankle Booties are perfect for women who enjoy the sheer look and nature of a well-supported bootie. Tailoring to the sheer look of luxury, these Lucky Brand Booties work well for keeping your foot breathable and comfortable in any setting.

They have a 2″ heel, which doesn’t overwhelm the ball of your foot. With side, ankle openings and toe openings, this bootie provides an ample amount of space for increased mobility. The ankle has a small belt-like fixture, of which you can adjust to comfort.

These booties will not keep your ankles constricted, but they will keep your foot in place throughout duration of movement. The strap goes across the center of your ankle, giving you plenty of space for movement and doubling as a support measure to keep your foot centered. Made of all leather, these luxury booties are a sure-fire bet to keep you comfortable and looking good.

Women’s Lucky Brand Lk-Banu Ankle Booties Best Shoes for Ankle Support

Top Features:

  • Leather with Synthetic sole
  • Comfort, stable, and stylist
  • Shaft measures approximately 4.5″ from arch



We have catered the best shoes for ankle support for both men and women. I am hoping that  you liked our best selection of shoes for both sports and casual use. Please leave us a feedback and comment how you felt about this post. Thank you again for visiting our post.