When it comes to best road bikes under $300, there are many great options available in the bike market. In fact, what sets a “road bike” apart from other bicycles is its unique design for traveling at high speeds on various roadways. While many view a road bike as a “racing bike,” there similar styles that may not meet road bicycle specifications. For instance, the best bikes for riding on paved roads are designed for endurance; while a true racing bicycle is designed for moving fast with bursts of speed. 

Another aspect of a road bicycle is linked to common design features. A good road bike has narrow tires, derailleur gears and super lightweight construction. Road bikes are also offered in fixed-gear and single-speed varieties. At the same time, the road bike term is usually code for riding on highway or other paved roads; while a mountain bicycle is designed for off-road riding enjoyment. Thus, the classic road bike trending today is a sort of retro version of vintage road bikes once dubbed as “lightweight bicycles.”

Today, a good road bicycle is great for fitness and the simple enjoyment of moving fast down a road with family and friends joining in for a true biking enjoyment experience.

Here, in this article we will provide you a solid guide to find the best road bikes under $300, some of which are best road bikes under $250.

Merax® Finiss Aluminum 21 Speed 700C Road Bike Racing Bicycle Shimano: One of the best road bikes under $300-2017

best road bikes under $300
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This Merax model is a 21 speed wonder that never lets a rider down, say biking fans commenting online. This bicycle is credited with having a true lightweight and super-strong aluminum frame; while it’s patented “quick-release” front wheels are a treasured best feature for longtime bikers.

The Merax Finiss Road Bike features the awesome and fully high-tech Shimano derailleur and shifter. It is offered in various color combos; while the trending look is black with yellow highlights along the bike’s body. You can choose between different sizes of 50-58cm.

This road bike weighs about 30lbs and it is not a ready to bike, which means you will have to tune and assemble the parts using the guide. Assembling job is fairly easy and straightforward.

We believe this is the best road bike under $300. Mattar of fact, this is the best road bike under $250 as it costs less than $250!

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Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike Shimano 21 Speed 700c: Another top road bike under $300 in 2017

This great looking Viano R2 model is perfect for city or rural roadway travel; while its double butted aluminum frame is not only built strong as all get out, but its super lightweight as well.

This model features “double walled” CNC machined wheels that include quick release skewers that most road bike fans really appreciate and desire in their bike. The Vilano highlights include a Shimano 21 speed drivetrain that allows riders to be prepared for any roadway situation.

For example, a longtime Vilano bike fan commented online about his road bike being “almost immune” to slick roads thanks to its high-tech drivetrain. The bike is shipped factory direct and free pedals are included.

The good news is that this best road bike under $300 is really cheap and actually can be purchased for about $200.

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Schwinn Men’s Volare 1200 Bike, 700c: Another decent road bike under $300

This best road bike under $300 features a true rigid fork and fitness bike frame made from high-tech and super strong aluminum. The Schwinn Volare also features a Shimano 21 speeds “EZ Fire” shifters; while also including the popular Shimano rear derailleur that never lets riders down during quick shifts.

The bill has strong alloy linear pull brakes and wheels. It also has Schwinn’s famed “allow crank.” The bike is featured in a number of cool color designs for men who want an awesome looking road bike. A great road bike for under $300!

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Tour De France 700c Packleader Road Bike: Another terrific road bike under $300

This Tour De France “Packleader” is given that title for good reason when considering its awesome wheelset that is designed for speed on all roadways.

The bike only weighs 37 pounds, but is durable as all get out with a super durable alloy frame and fork. The Tour De France model also features a 700c double walled alloy rim, hubs and an 8-speed cassette. Its tires are trending Kenda 700 x 28c for comfortable road travel.

It’s 16 speed Shimano indexed trigger shifters and high-tech caliper brakes work nicely with is Shimano 2300 derailleurs, say longtime bikers commenting online. The bike’s handlebar is designed with super strong and lightweight alloy 60cm 22.2 flat bar; while its “Vader saddle” with Cr-Mo rails is a sight to see given its great looking design and overall clean ride.

With price marked under $250, this is one of the best deal you could ever by spending less than $300.

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Zycle Fix ZF-OLVE-26 City Bikes: Check out this best road bike (city bike style) under $300 in 2017


This unique looking city bike makes this Zycle Fix standout from all other designs of this type because this is a true road bike. In fact, it’s 26” hi ten steel design works nicely with its Shimano SIS shifter with a cool 6 speed twist grip.

The tires are high-tech Duro Cordoba and the rims are lightweight alloy for both easy carry, storage with always a clean and smooth ride in city traffic and other roadways. The Zycle’s great design and color scheme make it popular with men and women who want a city bike that never lets them down. Price is marked at a sweet spot of under $300!

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The five bicycles featured  here are rated as the 5 Best road bikes Under $300 by our team of experts. You will have more confidence in choosing your next road bike purchase now!