The road calls to those destined to conquer it. There is freedom on the road, and the way some choose to embrace this freedom is with a bike. Some bikes make it harder for you to ride, making you unnecessarily tired due to issues like disproportionate weight.

Keep in mind that buying a bike is not just about buying one that you can afford; it has to be a bike that suits your every need. The bike should also be affordable, which is why finding the best road bikes under $700 is a good idea. Many things should be taken into consideration, such as your skill level as much as your tastes.

There is a lot to look forward to this year regarding bikes and some of the designs available to bike enthusiasts. Of course, the better bikes are using carbon race frames for stability and longevity. You should also expect many of the better bikes to employ the use of aluminum for lightness.

The following are just 5 of the best road bikes under $700 this year that you may want to check out. You can call some of them as the best road bikes under $650 too, because they cost less than $650.

Diamondback Bicycles 2017 Century Sport Complete Road Bike- Best road bike under $650 for 2017

Image Credit: Amazon
Image Credit: Amazon

The Diamondback bicycle has a complete 7005 aluminum alloy frame-set, which you already know is one of the lightest metals to use on road bikes. This is one reason why this bike can be used for the long haul, as it does not weigh much. The tubes are formed to enhance durability and strength; formed tubes make it easier for the bike to transfer power compared to other bikes on the market.

The bike also has an enhanced performance geometry, which a lot of high-end bikes are now utilizing. This makes the head-tube taller, making you sit upright. This feature also helps relieve some of the back and neck stress that you usually feel after riding for a long time.

Not to mention the fact that it gives you greater visibility and much more control over turns, as it allows you to lean with better precision. It is important to note that the bike does have the Shimano Claris Duel Control integrated shifter and brakes, which are top of the line. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that size matters, so make sure that the size you are considering fits your specific body measurements.

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Giordano Libero 2.0 Road Bike- One of the best road bikes under $700 in 2017

The Giordano Libero 2.0 Road Bike is another bike that is definitely worth a glance. It combines design, value, and high-performance into one beautiful bike. One thing to keep in mind is this bike uses the 6061 aluminum frame, which is handcrafted to ensure precision.

The handcrafted feature is actually coveted by many bike enthusiasts because it adds a sense of class to the bike.

The carbon form helps you stay in control of the bike with ease. Many people underestimate the Shimano Sora 18 Speed STI shifter and crank, but this system is made for the long haul keeping in complete control no matter the terrain. The wheels are quite special because they use light aluminum 700c wheels.

This means turns will be a lot more precise and easier. Again, it is a good idea to ensure you get a bike that suits your particular size. For this bike, there are three sizes: small, medium, and large.

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Tommaso Forcella Lightweight Aluminum Road Bike- Another best road bike under $700-2017

The Tommaso Forcella is the kind of bike that was built to handle the road for as long as you can. The bike is actually designed for beginners or those who want to handle something simple but effective.

One of the most prominent features of this particular bike is the frame and design actually reduces vibration more than any other bike. The vibration-less ride is specifically achieved by using a lightweight frame and curved tubing, which is how the bike absorbs shock so that you do not have to feel it. This is a great feature for beginners to ensure that they always feel in control.

Keep in mind that it also comes with the trusted carbon fork for complete control and ease.

The bike does have a 6061 aluminum frame as well. It also uses the Shimano Claris system to ensure control, speed, and strength. In fact, the Shimano Claris 30/39/50T crankset is powerful enough to ensure that your climb is a lot smoother and easier to take care of no matter how steep.

The bike makers even made sure to pay extra attention to the wheels. They used the TC30 wheels, which are light and aerodynamic for maximum speed and ease.

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Vilano FORZA 3.0 Aluminum Carbon Shimano Sora Road Bike- Top 2017 road bike for under $700

The Vilano FORZA 3.0 Aluminum Carbon Shimano Sora Road Bike is another example of a good and effective road bike. As the name suggests, this bike does have a 12K carbon fiber fork, except that since it is a 12K, it is made for racing.

This is not exactly a beginner’s bike, but it is one that will satisfy those of you who are interested in feeling the wind at maximum speed.

It makes sense that this particular bike also comes with more speeds than other bikes. It is equipped with the grand total of 24 speeds along with Shimano Claris STI shifters as well as front and back dérailleurs. The bike-makes know that they are awarding you with great speed so they have to make sure that you stay in control.

The aerodynamic design plus its lightness is what ensures that the bike gives you a whole lot of speed. The seat is built for the long haul as well since it is very comfortable unlike other bikes out there.

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Diamondback Bicycles 2017 Airen Sport Complete Women’s Road Bike- Best women’s road bike under $700 in 2017

The Diamondback Bicycles 2017 Airen Sport Complete Women’s Road Bike is a great option for women, as it is quite light due to it 7005 aluminum alloy. The design in addition to the lightness of the bike makes it one of the most responsive bikes on the market. The bike uses enhanced performance geometry to ensure that the ride is completely comfortable, no matter how long you ride.

As mentioned earlier, the enhanced performance geometry helps you stand upright on the bike a lot easier than you would otherwise, making it a lot more comfortable for your back as well as your neck. The lightness and the enhanced performance geometry also fend off fatigue, since you are pushing one of the lightest bikes available. This means you can add a little more time to your exercise routines.

The bike also uses Shimano Clairs 2×8 speed drivetrain for improved range in speeds. The DBR Podium performance fork allows you to turn with a lot more confidence and ease. The bike is one that can be used by both beginners and intermediate road bikers.

The design is very sleek, and it comes in a pearl white color. It is important to remember that this bike can be specified as well. Sure, it is made for road biking, but it can be easily modified to be a mountain bike as well for those who are more interested in mountain biking. Do not forget the bike also comes with DB Equation SE wheels with Kenda K196 700x26c tires. Both of these types of tires have great traction, which offer control over many types of terrains.

The bike also comes equipped with DB Devine Performance Womens Road seat, which is a plush but firm seat that allows for long riding like it should be. There are many reasons to justify this road bike as one of the best road bike under $700.

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Now, let’s summarize the reviewed bike in the table below:

Road Bike No. of Speed Weight(lbs) Size(cm)
Diamond Back Century Sports 16 30+ 52/56/58/60
Giordano Libero 2.0 18 30+ small/medium/large
Tommaso Forcella 24 35 52-65
Vilano FORZA 3.0 24 30+ 49/53/57/61
Diamond Back Airen Women 16 30+ 48-56

There is a lot more to learn about these bikes that could be learned through research, but the truth is that the best way to learn about them is to give them a try. As you can see, it is possible to get a bike to satisfy your needs that is professional, visually appealing and not expensive. Yes, these are some of the best road bikes under $700 and best road bikes under $650, so they are definitely priced reasonably to say the least. Keep in mind that most of these bikes are sold unassembled, but that does not mean that you have to settle for that. You can always have a professional set the bike up for you to ensure that everything is in the right place, unless you feel confident enough to deal with it on your own.