As we all know when it comes to hiking, the first thing that comes in our mind is walking. And it’s just not a simple walk where you move your two feet against the gravity its actually vigorous walk. Whether it’s trails, mountains or beautiful countryside having the right boots for hiking becomes the vital component for enjoying the physical demand and the beautiful experience of hiking.

When choosing boots we obviously want strong and durable boots but it has to give you the pleasure of comfort at the same time protecting us from the blisters and scars after a long walk and hike. So having done the analysis we have the top 4 list for the best hiking boots under $150 for you. Enjoy your adventures hiking.

Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot

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Timberland comes first in our list cause its Ideal for any hikes weather its mountains, trails or rivers. Yes i said rivers too cause its waterproof nobody wants to walk with a soak feet if the boot can’t protect you from raindrops or water rite ! The Timberland Men’s White Ledge Boots are really durable  These boots include a breathable footed and multi directional rubber that can easily help us from slippery dust roads or braking or accelerating if we have to walk fast or slow. So it keeps you dry and comfortable. So timberland being timberland its amazing features are pretty amazing.

  • Padded collar inside the boots which is perfectly placed near the ankles protects the ankles from sprain helping or ankle balancing and jerking.
  • Breathable EVA foot bed which can offer and amazing comfort cause it can circulate the moisture trapped inside and also allows the air to flow
  • The sole or the lugs of the boot is high quality rubber which dries very quickly.
  • Is all imported and manufactured from the best factories around the globe
  • Shaft measures 4.75″ from arch so its super fitting according to size
  • The  boot is  oiled-leather with lace-up vamp and easy lacing to tie the boots

Check Price – Timberland White ledge Waterproof hiking boots


Salomon Men’s Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking Boot

Salomon is another outstanding and best hiking boots under $150 cause its simply stable and durable. The laces of the boot stays together really well and gives you a rugged but yet stylish look. the  stylish looks comes from its detailed finishing touch and fresh design. The waterproof protection proves its class for hiking. But the most interesting fact about this world class boots are it is so lightweight but yet it supports really well for all the long walks and running’s. Actually this concept was borrowed from the running shoes technology, which is why understandably it has that magnificent light weight quality.

here are the the top features for the Salomon quest.

  • Leather and Textile is made from super high quality material. The leather is stitched for its durability and comfort
  • Its imported materials are made of super quality
  • Synthetic sole is used as it can last for years eventually making the boots lighter and supportive .
  • High hiker will be thrilled having  rugged lacing leather and protective rubber toe for comfortable and support
  • Waterproof protection for rainy hikes or bad weathers

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot

One top reason why Columbia comes as the best hiking boots under $150 is they are specifically designed for the safety and protection of the ankle and our feet at the same time. This hiking boot is really innovative because of the style and its function. As we all know that waterproof is an absolute vital factor for walking and hiking’s. It has the Waterproof construction material protecting against outside elements.

Here are the top features for this elegant looking boots.

  • Synthetic leather is made of high quality imported and manufactured from the best factory.
  • Rubber sole is so light and supportive any water or moisture dries quickly.
  • The boots contains omnishied for water resistance it actually not only protects from rain it also helps from stains so we don’t have to worry about cleaning the boots frequently.
  • The breathable EVA is critical circulating the moisture and allowing the air to flow

Colombia newton ridge surely gives that edge against its competitors. we are happy to put this classy best hiking boots under $150 and we are even happier that it is under $150.


KEEN Women’s Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boot

Keen comes in our top list and we are very proud of it. This American manufacturing company has always produced the best quality and proved its worth not only here in the USA but worldwide. Its distribution has reached  all over the world.

when we drive a four wheel SUV we all can feel that power generating from the car, very  like wise KEEN Targhee produces the same effect to our feet while hiking pushing our feet producing that  extra power.

the breathable membrane and waterproof protection gives us that cutting edge and comfort to our precious feet. Well if we have the energy to hike for days then surely KEEN is very keen to help us climb that snowy mountain or walk those challenging trails. top features include

  • Made in the USA but at the same time it is also imported but the quality is brilliant 
  • the breathable membrane allows the trapped moisture to flow always  keeping  it comfortable and dry.
  • the synthetic rubber sole
  • from sun up to sundown helps to kick up and down the dust because if its high quality leather and sole
  • the waterproof tech is the coolest feature keeping and protecting our feet from the outside elements like rains,dues and excess moisture.

so these were our top four brands and its product for the best hiking boots under $150. we know you guys will surely reach all those beautiful destination. Please provide us a feedback or comment if you have benefited from this post. Enjoy!