A fishing watch also known as a tide watch is one of the most overlooked items when going out on fishing exploits. Most fishing enthusiasts who head out to coastal regions for fishing will often carry all their equipment, but forget this one small item. Let’s take a sneak at our list first:

Best Fishing Watches 2018

Dive Watches

Watch size/ Thickness

Water Resistant

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1. Casio ProTrek PRW2500

51mm/ 16mm

660 feet

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2. Rip Curl A1119

41mm/ 14mm

330 feet

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3. Freestyle men’s 101050

45mm/ 12mm

330 feet

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4. Rip Curl Raglan Tidemaster

44mm/ 13 mm

330 feet

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5. Casio AQW101-1AVCF


660 feet

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6. Timex Intelligent


330 feet

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A fishing watch is crucial as it helps the fishermen to keep track of the tides, this tides not only dictate where one can fish, but also where the best catch is hiding. Manufacturers of fishing devices always advise their purchasers that a wave that is incoming will bring with it small fish, this is commonly known as bait fish.

These bait fish are typically looking for food on rocks and grassy areas. The bigger fish which are usually hunting this small fish frequently follow them, but they wait for the outgoing tide. The wave usually sends the fish seaward making it the ideal time and place to fish.

Choosing the best fishing watches can be a difficult task, but here are some guidelines that can help you make a great decision. First of all the best fishing watches is supposed to give you tidal information, this is one aspect that most people look for in an aquatic watch.

A watch that gives you the readings on atmospheric pressure is great since it helps you predict and prepare for a storm. Finally, one may need a digital compass to tell the direction from which the weather is coming.

1.Best fishing watch casio ProTrek (Pathfinder) PRW2500

The Casio is a very specialized device, the most outstanding feature is its real-time tide graph that shows a fisherman accurately the tide level at a particular date and time. In addition to this, it has sensors such as an altimeter, barometer, or a thermometer; these mimic features give readings on the altitude, atmospheric pressure, and temperature respectively.

These readings are very helpful since they help one to know whether a storm is approaching or not. The pro-tech Pathfinder also has a digital compass. The features mentioned above are the standard traits that most fishing watches have currently in the market.

The Casio has a power saving functionality that can allow up to 23 hours of battery life on full charge, and it also comes with an inbuilt solar energy charging system that uses the sun’s rays to recharge the battery.

The watch can withstand any outdoor activity because of its strong display and its straps that come in different materials according to the owner specifications.

Best Casio Fishing watch

Top Features

  • Powered by tough solar
  • Geared with triple sensor digital compass, altimeter, barometer and compass
  • Moon and tide graph for water action like fishing, seakayaking, surfing
  • 200 meter water resistant
  • 51 mm case diameter protected by a mineral dial window


2. Rip Curl best tide fishing watch Men’s A1119

The A1119 is a brilliant fishing watch, the reason for this is not just its features, but the fact that it was initially designed to take on active sports like surfing and canoeing. It means that it is customized to handle anything that brushes it with vigor.

Moving on to the features, the A1119 500 displays world locations where the tide conditions are set accurately on the device. It has an inbuilt digital compass and chronograph that assist in weather tracking.

The manufacturers of the watch made it primarily for aquatic sports that is why it has a stopwatch and a countdown timer that allow the user to manage time in a sporty manner. This watch is made out of 41 mm stainless steel case, and silicone band and buckle closure that ensure it firmly stay on the wrist of the fisherman.

Best tide fishing watch

Top Features

  • 41 mm stainless steel protected by Acrylic window
  • 330 feet water resistant  
  • 500 preprogrammed tide locations in graph or detailed display 
  • Japanese Quartz movement with digital display 
  • Geared with alarm, stopwatch and countdown timer


3. Freestyle men’s 101050 cheap best fishing watch 2018

This is one of the best fishing watches, a dime among fish enthusiasts, it has a sporty look, and some models come with a screw accented body case. This feature works well for outdoors purposes.

It also has a simple interface which is user-friendly, and the watch comes with a backlight meaning that you can take the readings at any times at night. The shark tide classic also comes with preloaded tidal data from more than 150 beaches globally.

The watch holds stainless steel pushers that assist one to access features like the countdown timer and the sunrise or sunset data. Its 48mm plastic case, silicone band, and buckle closure ensure that it lays safely on your wrist at all times.

Finally, the freestyle 101050 shark tide is water resistant, and it can withstand being inside water for up to 100m in depth without succumbing to the pressure. These traits make the watch suitable for swimming and snorkeling.

Cheap best fishing watch

Top Features

  • 45 mm case diameter with mineral dial window 
  • Silicone strap with buckle closure 
  • 100 meters water resistant 
  • Loaded with tide data and sun rise/ set time for 150 beaches 
  • 3 hour offset programmable beach capability


4. Rip Curl Raglan Tidemaster:best saltwater fishing watch

If you are a fisherman looking for an analog timepiece that matches your life style then, look no further than Rip Curl Raglan.  Featuring round black dial face with the red accent tide indicator, this watch sure will compliment any wrists.

The case on this watch is made of 44mm marine grade stainless steel and is water resistant to a depth of up to 100m. Its 316L high quality stainless steel make sure to offer maximum durability in acidic liquid like sea water.

The band’s material is silicone, and it has double locking to ensure that it stays on the wrist at all times. This device has an automatic tide system, in addition to this it comes in various colors and settings. This means that for a fisherman it is a great product. A simple look has replaced the full array of sensors in other watches.

best saltwater fishing watch

Top Features

  • 316L stainless steel case
  • 44 mm case diameter protected by mineral dial window 
  • 300 feet water resistant
  • Japanese Quartz movement with analog display 
  • Loaded with Spring/Neap moon phase tide dial with high/low tide indicator


5. Casio Best Men’s AQW101-1AVCF Active fly fishing watch 2018

This watch is made to withstand water up to a depth of 200m meaning that it is well equipped to do swimming and some light work on the water. It is a perfect fisherman companion since it comes with features like; temperature tendency graph and a preprogrammed tide chart.

The watch has a preset fishing mode that has predefined settings appropriate for fishing. These settings involve a gauge that tells you from a score of one to five how suitable a day is for fishing.

Best fly fishing watch


  • Thermometer included for weather information
  • Geared with fishing mode that describes the suitability of specific day and time for fishing as indicated as one of five levels
  • 30 time zones including 50 cities
  • Moon phase graph for accurate fishing prediction
  • 200 meter water resistant
  •  46 mm stainless steel case protected by mineral dial


6. Timex Men’s Intelligent Quartz Tide Temp Compass Watch

The timex is a very attractive looking gadget. It is a sporty watch with red accents. The device comes with a thermometer that can tell you the air temperature and also the water temperature.

It also has a digital compass; this helps to show the direction and is very key when one is fishing. The watch has a silicone band and buckle closure as well as an analog display. The analog interface offers a classic look that appeals to many people.

Top Features

  • Armed with digital compass, thermometer including air/water temperature
  • Tide tracker (down to high or low tide) to understand the surrounding
  • 45mm case diameter sheltered by mineral dial windows
  • Japanese quartz movement drive the mechanism 
  • 100 meter water resistant 
  • Indigo light for low light condition



Thank you for reading all the way through. We hope our article was helpful to you. All our selected timepieces are the bestsellers and have been favored by many fisherman for its fit, finish and functionality. Good luck with your purchase! Shop Smart!