When searching for watches there is truly something for everyone. Many retailers sell watches with different cartoon characters and cars for young boys. Then there are fitness watches for the athletic types of people. They come with all kinds of timers for recording lap times or track times. Next, you have classy analogue watches for the business men and women trying to look their best.

Some of the most popular watches are the best compass watches. Compass watches are designed to help people navigate the outdoor terrains. It is perfect for a camping trip in the woods. The woods can be a dark, scary place without proper equipment. A compass watch is a must have for all  outdoor adventures. Let’s take a peek at our list:

Best Compass Watches 2017
1. Best Casio compass watch Men’s PAG240-1CR Pathfinder
2. Timex Men’s Intelligent T2N720: best analog compass watch under $100
3. Casio Men’s GW-9400-1CR: best compass watch for ranger school
4. Best Sunnto compass watch Core
5.Best cheap compass watch Casio Men’s SGW100-1V

There is always the off chance that a cell phone or other electronically-powered navigation device stops working when away from home. That is the perfect time to be wearing one of the best compass watches. Here are some great deals on Amazon:

Best Casio compass watch Men’s PAG240-1CR Pathfinder 2017

This beautiful timepiece looks both sporty and classy. It is a digital watch that shows the time, day of the week, pressure readings and altitude readings. Beyond the time there is a full range of compass numbers giving an accurate sense of direction.

This watch can give temperature readings in some of the coldest temperatures around the globe. Casio Men’s PAG240-1CR Pathfinder Triple Sensor Multi-Function Sport Watch can operate normally in -10 C/14 F temperatures. This watch keeps up with all of the different time zones around the world in the event of traveling to explore different outdoor areas.

With a number of customization options you can chance the time to 12-hour formats or 24-hour formats. The battery life on this beast is six months without having to be exposed to light after reaching full charge.

There are numerous timer layouts to do recordings. The case of this watch is made of quality stainless steel. There should be no problems with the case breaking. The band easily buckles together to ensure a snug fit.

This watch can be taken to water depths of 100 meters without slowing down. It is great for swimming and snorkeling, but not necessarily good for deep sea diving.

Best Casio compass watch


  • Features solar powered including digital compass, altimeter, barometer,  thermometer with low temperature resistance (-10 C/14 F)
  • 51mm case diameter protected with mineral dial window
  • 100m water resistant
  • Display sunrise and sunset time
  • Fitted for all outdoor activities including trekking, mountaineering, climbing, hiking, backpacking and more!


Timex Men’s Intelligent T2N720: best analog compass watch under $100

It features a sporty looking analogue watch face with many different times. It comes equipped with an air pressure reading, digital compass and digital temperature perfect for the outdoors.

The stainless steel casing and mineral clock hands are super reliable. They can withstand cracks and scratches. Timex Men’s Intelligent T2N720 can be taken down 100 meters below the water surface without any problems. This watch is great for swimming and snorkeling.

best analog compass watch


  • Analog face with the fourth hand displaying tide tracker, temperature sensor, and electronic compass
  • 100 meter water resistant
  • 45 mm watch face armored by a mineral dial window
  • INDIGLO Night-Light for low light condition
  • Designed for fashion forwarded men with a love for adventure


Casio Men’s GW-9400-1CR: best compass watch for ranger school

This awesome timepiece comes with an advanced watch face with the date, day of the week and time. There is also a built in miniature compass embedded in the watch face. This watch comes imported into the United States with the best materials possible.

There are three different sensors that measure pressure, altitude and direction. This watch gives out accurate information on when the sun will rise and set. It helps keep hunters and hikers out of trouble when working outdoors.

The lights use auto LED technology to help everyone see outside. All of the buttons are sealed so that no mud, water or other harmful materials can get into the watch and disrupt the interior.

There is a solar powered rechargeable battery that can go an entire week without sunlight after reaching full charge. The power-saving option and battery alerts help keep the watch working efficiently for as long as possible.

best compass watch for ranger school


  • Armed with triple sensor: altimeter, barometer, thermometer and digital compass
  • Solar powered including multi-band atomic timekeeping, shock resistant and mud resistant
  • 53 mm case diameter protected by mineral dial
  • 660 feet water resistant
  • Display sun data
  • Rugged and robust enough for adventurous outdoor activities and training


Best Sunnto compass watch Core 2017

The sunnto core heavy duty watch is digital and can work well in any environment. There are several different color combinations available with this watch to fit individual preferences.

On the outside of the watch face there are numbers ranging from North all the way around to 330 signaling which direction you are going. It is perfect for going on hikes or walking around new territories.

The sunnto core has accurate altitude and pressure readings. The materials used to make this watch are strong enough to last through any weather condition and are scratch proof. With these best compass watches you get major storm and temperature readings in advance.

Best Sunnto compass watch


  • Display altimeter, barometer, compass and thermometer
  • Loaded with weather trend graph and storm alarm including sunrise and sunset times over 400 locations
  • 49.1 mm stainless steel case protected by mineral window dial
  • 30 meter water resistant


Best cheap compass watch Casio Men’s SGW100-1V

This watch has a dialogue, watch face with the time, day of the week and the date. It is imported into the United States using only quality materials, including a Quartz movement Battery.

The crystal mineral material used to make this watch is resistant to cracks and scratches. Casio Men’s SGW100-1V can be submerged to water depths of 660 feet and still function normally.

Best cheap compass watch


  • Includes twin sensor: digital compass and thermometer
  • Size of case in diameter: 48mm
  • 200m water resistant
  • Many other features that are perfect for sports, outdoor activities include auto calendar, world time, stop watch, daily alarm & more!



All our selected watches are perfect for sports, works or any outdoor activities that involve water or land action. We hope our article about the best compass watches was helpful to you. Thank you for considering us. Good luck with your purchase! Shop Smart!